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I have Just Secured A Digital Project Manager Role

“Hi Anthony, I went for an interview last week Tuesday and got a job offer today as a Digital Project Manager. OMG!!! I am so glad to have made the decision to start with Cedar Pro 4 months ago. The recruitment manager said I was very prepared, well-spoken and everything showed how great an asset I will be to the company. They have already contacted your office for reference. Please help me resolve this asap. Thank you for creating such an amazing platform and an ever so supportive environment, it really works Thanks you so much Anthony!”

I Got a New Role as Digital Business Analyst

Good morning Anthony I just got a new role as digital business Analyst. How do I get Cedar Design to provide me with reference? Which email address should I give to them for that. They said my interview was amazing and clear. It was an hour and a half long-hour case study on how I would go about researching and communicating data-centred justification for the new digital product the company wants to develop. It was very intense but they were surprised on how much detail and confidence I had in making my case. Please keep me anonymous on all platforms as I am still going through security checks. Thanks.

I Am Officially Employed As PMO/Analyst

“Hello Anthony, I am happy to tell you that after months on training and practice, I am officially employed as a PMO/analyst. I am so grateful to you for creating such an environment of faith and possibility. Literally this is so good, everybody should know about it. I was so calm and confident throughout the entire interview. I don’t remember being so sure of myself in an interview. Thank you Anthony!”

I have Just Secured aDigital Project Coordinator Role

“Hi Anthony I hope you are well! I have just been offered a position as Project Coordinator with the XXXXXXXXX today!! I went for an interview on Friday and I was offered a project coordinator role. Since I have been working for Cedar Design from January 2020 I have submitted you as my referee. I would be grateful if you could please assist with me the references. I am now am example that this platform works and thank you for the opportunity and may transform more people life with this awesome opportunity. My deepest appreciation to you Anthony

I Got A New Role As A QA/Tester

“Hello Anthony, Honestly this thing really works. I have just been offered a digital Test lead role. Working on Projects with Cedar Design has truly been an eye opener. I can perfectly say that the agile environment is the reason for this new role. As a matter of urgency can you please provide me your email address for reference? I have been with Cedar Design since 2019 as Senior QA. I know you are busy but I would appreciate your efforts in this. Thanks”

I Am Officially Employed As Scrum Master

“Hi Anthony, I just got offered a contract role as a scrum master paying a daily rate of £300 per day. This is definitely a start but I am over the moon. I am so excited about this.I joined Cedar Pro on the 15th of October 2019 and I must say I had an eye opening and insightful time with Isabelle. She is very knowledgeable and has such depth in the subject matter. After the training I joined the project and got busy practicing what I had learnt immediately. I figured this is the time to get my hands dirty, get experience, get knowledge and achieve my goals immediately. I would like to thank you and the entire team at Cedar Pro for this amazing platform. The process, resources and people there are incredible. Iron truly sharpens iron. Everyone was ready to share, learn and growth. It is magical.”

I have Just Secured A Digital Product Owner Role

Hello Anthony,I have just secured a Product Owner role with the one of the fastest growing digital tech companies in the UK. I thank Cedar Pro for this platform as I ended up as a Consultant during my interview providing digital solutions. My special appreciation and thanks goes to you for the time and effort you put into mentoring me for the interview. You are truly God sent. I have put you as my reference so they will be contacting you for shortly. Beyond this I want to know if there are any more programs I can take to continue to grow. Thank you Sir!

I Got A New Role As Product Manager

Hi Anthony Just thought to update you about my new role, and can I ask that you keep me anonymous from all your platforms. I got a new digital role as a product manager with one of the biggest financial institutions. It’s a contract role that I start next month, all of which has been made possible as a result of my experience as a Project Manager on the platform with the strategy team and Product owner on a couple of projects. My experience working on several projects, developing both my insight and skills on BA, project management & ownership has been invaluable in achieving my goals so far. Thanks Anthony for this awesome platform!

I have Just Secured A Digital Project Manager Role

Hi Anthony, this is Freddieand I joined Cedar Pro in June 2020. I am very happy to tell you that I recently secured a role with Xxxxxxxxx.It’s a Digital Project Manager role within the CRM department.Please keep me anonymous when sharing me all social media platforms.I want my story to encourage those that are looking for jobs not to give up it is not easy. Decide to be the best by studying hard both theory and practice. I wish everyone success.

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