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I Got a New Role as Salesforce Business Analyst

Hi Anthony! I have just secured a new role with a company called Xxxxxxxx and I urgently need a reference as the company requires a 3-year reference. Please, what’s the best email address to give for you as reference?And who can I use as a second reference from Cedar Design?I hope to hear back from you. It’s a Salesforce Business Analyst role

I Am Officially Employed As PMO/Analyst

Good morning Anthony, I trust you are good! Here’s my success story. Please make me anonymous. Thanks.I am officially employed as a PMO analyst. I just want to thank you again for this platform – it has really help transform my career and family.

I have Just Secured a Digital Project Coordinator Role

I joined this amazing platform on 20/07/2020. Anthony you have been an amazing mentor.Prepping me for the interview and presentation all those midnight hours, I can’t thank you enough. Amazingly most of what we discussed was asked and of course I nailed. It is a project support role with the Xxxxxxx. Honestly Cedar Pro is an amazing platform and I will recommend it to anyone.

I Got A New Role as A QA/Tester

Hi Anthony! How is everything? I just recently secured a role as an Agile QA analyst and urgentlyrequire your response on the reference request sent a while back. I am aware you are highly busy; however, I sincerely need this as a matter of urgency. Many thanks in advance. This will be highly appreciated.

A Scrum Master role secured.

Hi Anthony, I hope this email finds you well! Good news, I just got the confirmation that I got the role as a scrum master. I will be starting on Monday and would appreciate your early response to the reference request. Please what email do you use for reference, I want to get the agency to email you today so I can get all the details completed for Monday

I have Just Secured A Digital Product Owner Role

I joined the platform in 202 having been a seasoned Project manager at a time when I was unable to land a new contract in the digital world because I lacked the technical detail of digital technology. Finally, I have secured a role as a digital Product Owner. It is my first role as PO, and they have been so happy with me that. I want to especially thank Mr. S my mentor and everyone on the platform for their encouragement.

I Got A New Role as Product Manager

Hello Anthony,how are you? I called you yesterday regarding my new position. I got a new role as a Product Owner and without a doubt, they will be contacting you for reference. Thank you very much for this great platform.

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