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We live in a digital age, driven by constant change – changing needs and wants of the digitally savvy consumers that are causing accelerated innovation. Technology is constantly evolving, and its use is constantly changing. In fact a shift in customer behaviour towards digital technology and its use is what determines your digital business transformation strategy.As our digital world evolves, companies are needing to implement  digital transformation and optimisation strategies, increasing their investment in new technologies to give them an edge over the competition, drive operational cost , improve operational efficiency and  customer retention and increase return on investment.
At Cedar Pro, we take a holistic approach in the delivery of our training. Our tried and tested framework is founded on our belief in human potential and greatness. We know that technical and professional skills are merely half of an individual’s capacity or corporation’s strength.
Our approach, therefore, helps participants become aware of their core strength and talents, determine their career path and goals within the digital sector, develop new skills and mind-set through practical work experience and finally be matched with an experienced mentor to gain one-to-one careers advice, support and guidance to propel them forward and support their desire to acquire better paying and fulfilling jobs.


With this innovation comes a growing digital skills gap. According statistics, jobs in the digital sector now account for 20 per cent of all vacancies in the UK as the boom in the tech economy shows no signs of slowing down. There are 1.7m digital tech job openings across the country, with tech now a major employer across sectors in some of the UK’s biggest cities. With a 44% digital skill gap more than three quarters of executives are experiencing challenges in digital recruitment. The questions are” How prepared are you for the digital age?” and “Where do you fit in?”. With organisations seeing the need to digitally transform their business or risk dying a natural death, find out how building your digital expertise can secure your future.
  • We help teams and individuals to discover the individual strengths and talents, to expand their self-awareness; enabling them to ascertain their suitability, coping skills, and scope for succeeding in their new digital role.
  • We train participants to have a holistic view of their professional aspiration; to synergise their strengths with the right career path & thus learning focus, and thereby multiply their effort, focus and effectiveness in achieving their career aspirations.
  • We then equip participants with the industry tested/accredited principles/insights with practical work experiencethat make enables you to become the highly- skilled, most sought-after employee
  • By addressing the foundational & structural elements that affect an individual ability to confidently deliver within a digital workplace;coupled with world-class CV presentation & interview skills The Cedar Formula™ is able to generate inspiration and dynamism from within, producing individuals the blueprint to secure and perform 2019. Powered by cedar-pro