How to Use These Interview Questions and Answers

How to Use These Interview Questions and Answers:

These interview questions and answers are intended to guide you in your preparation for your job interview. These questions have been picked by the Cedar Pro team because we believe that they are the best representative of what you will face in your interview.

The sample answers in this resource are collated from years of experience and research in the recruitment sector. The answers confidently display the appropriate qualities and competencies that the interviewer expects from successful candidates.

Read the sample answers carefully, and take note of what skills and competencies they demonstrate. You might notice that, when the question asks for examples, the answer uses the STAR method to construct the response:

Start off your response to the interview question by explaining what the ‘situation’ was and who was involved.

Task.Once you have detailed the situation, explain what the ‘task’ was, or what needed to be done.Action. Now explain what ‘action’ you took, and what action others took. Also explain why you took this particular course of action.

Result. Explain to the panel what you would do differently if the same situation arose again. It is good to be reflective at the end of your responses. This demonstrates a level of maturity and it will also show the panel that you are willing to learn from every experience. In order to get the best possible results, apply this system to your own examples and experiences in working life. These sample answers are intended to inspire you to create your own responses to the questions.

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