About Us

Cedar Pro is a training and consulting company, specializing in the delivery of hands on training programs for project delivery, Product Management, Digital Marketing & Business Start-up Expertise. The courses, delivered through practical work experience span from Project Management (Agile SCRUM, PRINCE 2), Business Analysis to Software Testing, to offering of sound Career advice, CV expertise and Interview preparation. Our promise is to train and equip you to become a complete professional that will proactively see and take advantage of the several career and business opportunities.

Based in London, UK, we are the most innovative integrated digital learning platform with real life projects offering digital training,mentoring, and consulting services, leads to the effective development and success of all manner of individuals and businesses. Our trainers are project or product owners/managers, lead business analysts and senior automation and manual testers, who bring with them their current and experience in the field. All our trainers must be in current employment to train with Cedar Pro. Our trainers also create educational media, such as books, videos, blogs, podcasts and interactive content, in order to teach and convey the foundational principles to bridge the gap between education and implementation.

Cedar Pro has a fantastic team of experienced and trained persons passionate to help others thrive in any field of endeavor. Our team is dedicated to our company vision of equipping and perfecting candidates for the job market and business world, preparing them with practical work experience during project training.



We are here to provide you with the tools you need to identify and take advantage of the several opportunities around you. Are you eager to win?

Who We Are

Cedar Pro specializes in the training and development of career professionals and organisations by providing world-class insights and real work project experience. Over the years we have trained, consulted and mentored a solid base of individuals and companies working in retail, counselling, health advice, medicine, sportswear, finance, and much more. We hold training programs on a range of Project Delivery & Management, Product Ownership & Management, Digital Marketing & Business Start-up Expertise with classes spanning from project methodologies (Agile SCRUM, PRINCE 2), Business Analysis to Software Testing, and offering of sound Career advice, CV expertise and Interview preparation.

The way we do it is simple; our training focuses on helping you solve the problem of not having the main criteria that can help you secure you a job, EXPERIENCE! Employers need to be able to see that you have relevant experience in the area of the role you are applying for before they are even willing to speak to you. Cedar Pro focuses on giving you that experience through researched insights, effective solutions, and innovative strategies, that enables you to thrive in a competitive marketplace. We have access to relevant projects within the IT industry, during training and we expose candidates to these projects so they learn by actually delivering a live project. This way, they gain practical experience in any of the fields within the product management and project delivery life cycle. In addition, We have invested in industry standard software like Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, JIRA, Basecamp, Github and many more to give you that opportunity to deliver these project using industry relevant tools.

Our Vision

Our vision is to effectively serve individuals and corporations around the world; to equip them with the knowledge and experience they need to open up new opportunities, increase and confidently take their career and/or business to the next and higher level.

The Cedar FormulaTM

At Cedar Leadership, we take a holistic approach in the delivery of variety of training programs across the project delivery life cycle. Our tried and tested formula is founded on our belief that education and experience are pertinent ingredients required in the successful delivery of any project and/or business. We know that technical and attitudinal skills are merely half of an individual’s capacity or corporation’s strength. They must be given real project delivery work experience in other to be complete. Our approach, therefore, helps participants to re-align their mentality, skills and experience with corporate aims and objectives, that will propel them forward and support their productivity and effectiveness.

Why Cedar Pro

• Success Stories • Highly Experienced Mentors • One-on-one Approach

The Career Mentor Scheme is a unique opportunity for delegates to be matched with an experienced professional to gain one-to-one careers advice, support and guidance into their desired profession and role for up to 1-month. But wait! ‘Why choose Cedar Pro’s mentoring and coaching programmes and workshops?’ Well, the simple answer is, people choose us because our mentors are highly experienced in the industry, but more importantly, because our mentors were once seeking guidance as you are now. This, we feel, sets us apart from the crowd.

About the founder

Cedar Pro was founded by Anthony Panyin Baafi, who has extensive experience in Product/Project management and business start-up expertise. Mr Baafi is a Project delivery Manager for a UK local authority and the co-founder of Gloryland Store, a retail company that sells apparel, stationery, jewelry, printed products and home decor. He is also the co-founder of Gift-Luxe, Cedar Design and Rated Pro, The first being a luxury eCommerce brand, the second, a software and digital media agency and the last being a IT platform that connect artisans with clients. For the past ten years Anthony has worked around the world in the IT, steel,sports, construction and import/export industries. Mr Baafi is also a former host of the television program Business Intelligence, an information show watched by thousands, that equips viewers with the tools they require to deliver projects and grow a successful businesses. He was born in Ghana but studied in Italy and the UK, where he gained a degree in Business Management.

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